Healing Abandonment

When I was 3 years old, I was abandoned. I am extremely uncomfortable discussing this with anyone and the impact it has had on my life is immeasurable. It is a near constant source of fear, and outright terror. It has filled my days and nights for more than 40 years. It has dictated how…Read more Healing Abandonment


Life Lesson #5: What I resist can never heal.

No one likes change, we resist it if only on the basis of being comfortable with how things are, we become accustomed to things being in particular ways. We know the rules, we know how to work with them. Even if things are not in the best way, there is a certain amount of comfort…Read more Life Lesson #5: What I resist can never heal.

Life Lesson #1: Desperation is ugly.

I am an empath, born to a narcissist (a rock) and an enabler (a hard place) a situation I’ve been desperate to escape for a long time. I grew up, eating, sleeping and breathing desperation. This desperation grew a hunger in my soul. I never counted, never mattered, had no inherent importance or worth. I…Read more Life Lesson #1: Desperation is ugly.

Heart Bloom

There is an exquisite vulnerability shared between two souls together in Love, it persists beyond all logic, linking both together from one lifetime to another. It can be forgotten and also recovered, not just to it’s former strength, but made greater. This shared vulnerability makes the bonds stronger, gives a fieriness. I was reminded of…Read more Heart Bloom