I breathe in cinnamon. I kiss it, the warmth, the aliveness, the pulse of it. My nose searches for where it’s strongest. I kiss as I go. I hear Him smile, feel His hand on my head, smoothing my hair. His hand smells of wind and sunshine. Where is my cinnamon? I lick, tasting, searching……Read more Cinnamon



I hear Your whispers in my soul Feel Your touch upon my skin Fires ignite. Swirls of light spiral inside me, I see them in You too. And am amazed. But there’s more. Your swirls, my swirls. OUR swirls. What does it mean? A Starry, Starry Night. Inside You, Inside me, Inside us. Like currents,…Read more Ignite

Heart Bloom

There is an exquisite vulnerability shared between two souls together in Love, it persists beyond all logic, linking both together from one lifetime to another. It can be forgotten and also recovered, not just to it’s former strength, but made greater. This shared vulnerability makes the bonds stronger, gives a fieriness. I was reminded of…Read more Heart Bloom