There are many things I don’t like to be. I don’t like to be sick. I don’t like to be achy. I don’t like to be tired. I don’t like to be without resources I think I need. I don’t like to be lonely. I don’t like to be threatened. Most especially, I don’t like…Read more Vulnerability


Heart Bloom

There is an exquisite vulnerability shared between two souls together in Love, it persists beyond all logic, linking both together from one lifetime to another. It can be forgotten and also recovered, not just to it’s former strength, but made greater. This shared vulnerability makes the bonds stronger, gives a fieriness. I was reminded of…Read more Heart Bloom

Souls Bloom spirit with freedom, with trust ...becoming whole, completely present, and balanced ...healing, singing, creating ...cared for beyond comprehension ...move beyond the Veil, flowing like rivers, there and back again... on foot like hobbits ...on star ships, like Firefly ...where they learn... to wear a pretty bonnet and still get the job done... few are…Read more Souls Bloom