Dark thoughts in morning’s light bright thoughts in the dark of night Drifting, one to the other, In the ship that is these arms. Rocked gently to sleep, Surrender and surrender, and surrender. My ears ring, I rest my head, cradled, cuddled, safe in bed. I sleep. Blessed Be.


Souls Bloom spirit with freedom, with trust ...becoming whole, completely present, and balanced ...healing, singing, creating ...cared for beyond comprehension ...move beyond the Veil, flowing like rivers, there and back again... on foot like hobbits ...on star ships, like Firefly ...where they learn... to wear a pretty bonnet and still get the job done... few are…Read more Souls Bloom

An Ascension Meditation

Introduction Meditation is a way of connecting with what is outside of ourselves, of communing, learning on a non-verbal level. It’s communication through images and feelings, a language of the heart. Through it, we blossom, become more ourselves. We realize we are not crazy, we are not alone, we never have been, never will be.…Read more An Ascension Meditation

An Invitation

Blog and blogging, what strange words to use, to have been invented. They sound silly; twenty years ago, who could have imagined them existing at all? Sure, people put words to paper, but how many of them ever shared those words? Now here we are, more than a few years on, reading those words, gaining…Read more An Invitation