I hear Your whispers in my soul Feel Your touch upon my skin Fires ignite. Swirls of light spiral inside me, I see them in You too. And am amazed. But there’s more. Your swirls, my swirls. OUR swirls. What does it mean? A Starry, Starry Night. Inside You, Inside me, Inside us. Like currents,…Read more Ignite


I Thought

I thought Darkness was my lot, Confusion, Pain, Isolation, Locked up, No key to be thrown away. I thought Silence, Deafening, Crushing, Was all I would know. I thought I was forgotten, Swept away, Forlorn, Abandoned. I thought Buried alive, Choked away from Life, from Love, was all I would know. In the forced stillness…Read more I Thought

Souls Bloom

...in spirit with freedom, with trust ...becoming whole, completely present, and balanced ...healing, singing, creating ...cared for beyond comprehension ...move beyond the Veil, flowing like rivers, there and back again... on foot like hobbits ...on star ships, like Firefly ...where they learn... to wear a pretty bonnet and still get the job done... few are…Read more Souls Bloom