Flowing Home

Love sees me, Love moves with me, I open to it, feel it flow through me, around me, filling me up. All wants satisfied, All needs quenched, It bubbles over my lips, becomes laughter, sends sparks into the cosmos. It lifts us up, if we let it, no speck too small, no mountain too big,…Read more Flowing Home



I breathe in cinnamon. I kiss it, the warmth, the aliveness, the pulse of it. My nose searches for where it’s strongest. I kiss as I go. I hear Him smile, feel His hand on my head, smoothing my hair. His hand smells of wind and sunshine. Where is my cinnamon? I lick, tasting, searching……Read more Cinnamon

My Star

I shiver, I quake, I tremble, Your arms wind around me, Pull me close, warming, soothing. I’m wrapped up in You, like an infant; I peep up at You, Touch Your chin, and gurgle. You look at me and beam, Kiss my fingers, Tuck them in once more. “Sleep,” You whisper, “I’ve got you.” I…Read more My Star


Fear like a tsunami wave threatens to drown causes confusion, causes pain. High, overarching propels to the farthest reaches pushes down, down, down to the bowels of Hell. Covers in muck, burning. They said, “Stay safe, Stay here, Stay buried.” They took the heart, The living, breathing, beauteous thing. They tried to break it, They…Read more Fear