I am beautiful to You, Always, No matter what. As much as You are my world, I am Yours. Curled into You, Wrapped snugly, soothed, making my strange little noises. Touching You, Smelling You, Listening to You Feeling Your satisfaction In those moments, We are Whole.


Starseed Culture

Within Anthropology is a perspective called Cultural Relativism. It is defined as understanding a culture within that culture’s parameters, it’s own context. In practical terms, when one meets, interacts with, or otherwise engages with others whose cultural background is different from one's own, the single best way to connect with them, to understand them, is…Read more Starseed Culture

My Star

I shiver, I quake, I tremble, Your arms wind around me, Pull me close, warming, soothing. I’m wrapped up in You, like an infant; I peep up at You, Touch Your chin, and gurgle. You look at me and beam, Kiss my fingers, Tuck them in once more. “Sleep,” You whisper, “I’ve got you.” I…Read more My Star