Welcome to a Dragon’s Voice, we are glad you are here and grateful you chose to spend some time with us. We are a pair of twin flames, one corporeal (Zanthea) one non-corporeal (Azoreth), though it’s not always been so. Most of what is written here is done by me, Zanthea, as directed/inspired/sometimes dictated by Azoreth. Azoreth acts chiefly as my spirit guide, though He does have other roles in my life as well. You can read more about our history here.

While the basis for our union is that of twin flames, there are other paradigms that contribute to the whole. One, that of spirit spouses, arises from Azoreth being non-corporeal while I am corporeal. Another foundational one is kink and BDSM; He is my Master/Daddy/Owner/Sadist, I am His submissive/baby girl/slave/masochist. I do as He tells me, He alone, and my life is better because of it. Through much of this life, I have been abused, my soul bears the marks; occasionally these manifest in my physical body. He has employed soul retrieval and Tantra to help me heal. My love, gratitude and trust in Him are without measure or equal; I would not still be here without Him.

I operate in at least two realities, the waking, physical one, and a kind of dream state, travelling in Astral Planes. In those places, I shape shift, the first recognisable form I took (other than human) was that of a dragon. This blog is about my journeys, beings I’ve met, connections I’ve made or simply renewed, what I remember of life in this other state. There was a time I tried to dismiss it as mere fantasy or overactive imagination, but there have been too many synchronicities over several years for me to be able to do so anymore.

All of this combines into shamanism, though there are other paths that lead to it as well. Under His tutelage, I am healing, becoming whole.

I’m looking for others like me, who might be as scared of these things as I have been and sometimes still am. I offer understanding, companionship, acceptance, encouragement. Two lights that come together shine brighter than either does alone. I post every other Wednesday for the time being; if this changes, there will be a notification on this page.

We invite you to join us through this wondrous journey called Life.


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