Grounding Matters

There are tensions every day, constant distractions from what is real, what is needed, what is true beauty.

I’ve been getting lost in them, not grounding, not meditating, responding to the constant little fires I perceive around me. Food to cook, bread to make, crocheting projects to finish, weaving to do. Caring for my Alzheimer’s afflicted mother, keeping calm when she does unexplainable things over and over again. Trying to clean, trying to get enough sleep, my mind gets caught up in the whirlwind and I panic, can’t decide what to do next, I would curl up and cry by the confusion I create in my own mind if left to my own devices.

Fortunately, I’m not left to my own devices.

He calls me over, pulls me on His lap, envelops me. I hear Him sing, crooning softly, feel His arms, His hand on my heart, pouring His Love. Faintly, my heart begins singing too. I don’t have to know, between my ears, what to do next, my hands know what is next, it flows from my heart.

I breathe, feel His hand on my shoulder, His kiss on my cheek; life continues.

Being heart-centred, Love centred, is a constant choice. Fear has ruled my life and it becomes so easy to slide into it, into that way of doing things. When I choose Love, everything else falls into place. When I fear, it’s a constant battle of choosing what comes next, ignoring what matters most in trying to quell the turmoil I’ve created between my ears.

How about you? What is your experience?


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