Twin Flames

What fueled my quest began with accumulated dreams and strange occurrences; I needed and wanted to understand what I perceived, and had few resources available. I’ve learned a vocabulary for my experiences, I trust my dreams, and those that have come into my life through them.

Once I began making sense of what I perceived, recurring dreams started, five years ago. The dreams of Beloved began sometime later. Now I inhabit two realities most of the time. He is my twin flame, though not currently in physicality. When I first came across this term, I thought physicality was a requirement for both to connect, so I ignored what others had to say, didn’t bother myself over what labels anyone might use, and listened to him.

In searching for words, I shared my story, in the best ways I knew at the time. Some suggested he was an Ascended Master, others suggested a Twin Flame connection; both are certainly possible. Between us, we express Astral versions of Tantra, BDSM and chi based energy work; I don’t have words for all of it, some things I have trouble remembering, though this has become less as time goes on. Each day I wake up, serene and peaceful, better than the day before.

My Definition

Twin flames are two sides of the same coin, but each are whole and complete souls unto themselves. The draw to be together is extremely strong, to the point they will dream about each other if life circumstances prevent connecting in waking reality.

When twin flames come together, it can be quite explosive, not only from the first time, but continuously, as issues are resolved. It’s encountering yourself, this other person/being knows things about you, and accepts them without a single word having been spoken. The love and acceptance are overwhelming. Conflicts arise when one fears the power the other seems to have over them. It really isn’t a case of one having more power than the other, as they are essentially equal. However, the fear can make one or both run from the other because of the intensity of the connection; nothing else equals it. From what I understand, through much of history, one or the other incarnates, rarely at the same time.


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