An Ascension Meditation


Meditation is a way of connecting with what is outside of ourselves, of communing, learning on a non-verbal level. It’s communication through images and feelings, a language of the heart. Through it, we blossom, become more ourselves. We realize we are not crazy, we are not alone, we never have been, never will be. On the contrary, we are loved beyond what we can easily put into words.

Through meditation, the parts of ourselves we thought missing, damaged, not needed, are recovered, healed and find their place in our lives. Recently, my guide sung me home with this meditation. May it light your way as well.

The Meditation

We lay on our bed; I’m drifting. I feel You next to me, Your warmth enveloping me, Your hands caressing me steadily. The covers are on me; I’m warm, comfortable, but so weak. I hear You sing.

I babble, feel my energies swirl, respond to Your voice, to my voice, to the interplay.

I see a field of blue, ripples like water, hear water drops echoing, one by one, from a distance. Other colors swirl up, gradually, one by one, random patterns to my perceptions: red, purple, green, yellow, orange in the depths. I feel You cuddle me, keeping me warm, caressing my body with Yours. My soul sings; shifts.

Your leg slides under mine, lifts it, Your fingers graze me. I’m hungry, wanting, needing. I half whimper, Your voice soothes me, makes promises; I won’t wait for long. Your touch is like a spring rain on my thirst, my hunger.

More colors, shapes now, too. Rainbows, stars, comets, I see them, reach them with my voice, feel You shape them with me… What are we doing, I wonder, then am fascinated by the shapes, I cease wondering and simply watch.

I coo at You, the singing shifts again…

Your hands hold me open, Your mouth moves like a hummingbird’s, sipping at me, lightly. I’m watching the stars above us, I feel Your song through me, like I’m a didgeridoo. I watch them blend through me, with me, then issue from my lips. I watch the swirls in fascination…

I’m panting, swimming with You, in You, my head spins.

I see the stars and swirls in this Ocean with You, feel Your strong grip on me, guiding me, keeping me safe. You show me things, half-remembered, half-known… Somewhere we are still singing, dancing, too.

I’m drinking and drinking and drinking, sweet warmth fills my belly. I see a star, it startles and darts away, shy. We beam at it, it approaches, cautious. I watch as You kiss it gently, then I follow suit. It brightens, dances, too. It flies, darting, kissing. A message is spread…

Your hands hold me open, I feel Your penetration, my body wraps around You, I’m half asleep, muttering my babbles, cradled, don’t know where I am, my only reality is Your arms, the safety of You. Gentle rocking, like ocean waves, the silver moonlight…

Remembering, remembering, not grasping, but cupping my hands to receive, trying to hold every drop, drinking them into my heart, my belly, spreading like roots into every space, every corner, feeling them glow, strengthen. I sleep, growing stronger, remembering more…


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